martes, 16 de septiembre de 2008

An embarrasing truth

Few weeks ago, I saw a movie directed by the writer of the globally known Beavis and Butthead. It was called Idiocracy.

The very first thing that came to my mind when I was just in the middle of the film was: "shit! I wish Darwin was watching this!" Then I remembered the last time I read Carl Sagan and I thought "yeah, what would that man say about this?".
Ok, I know. Sagan was not what we could define as a fan of Beavis and Butthead but I am sure he would have enjoyed this movie.

Well. What the movie say to us is pretty simple. Charles Darwin said that evolution is developed through a thing called natural selection. This has been understood as "the strongest species is the one with more probabilities of surviving. But that is not a complete truth. The ones who survive are the ones who tend to reproduce quicker. Basically, human beings have been evolving almost from scratch into a very complex form of life using this process. This has been made through natural selection. Stronger, faster and smarter people had the ability to get food easier than others and that way they were able to raise a family (and have interracial babies jeje).

However, nowadays, despite having the smartest people at the top of the society, we see that they don't want to reproduce; some of them are single (and willing to stay so), they have become gays (I am not homophobic), or they simply can't have babies. On the other hand, people who doesn't achieve anything in their lives, people with a low IQ (I'm not geniocracist), actually have children as if they were rabbits (I'm not aristocrat).

Wow, I thought. Smart people don't have kids. So we run out of smart people. Meanwhile, idiot people have lots of little babies that will be as or more idiot than their parents. So we get fucked up with a world full of dumbs. Unfortunately, that's the way natural selection works.

Now. This is just a hypothesis. It is not supposed to be connected with reality. Or is it?

Since week or more, intelligent and nearly intelligent people are following the news about the LHC. Lots of people were crossing their fingers hoping that the world could live one more day. Even more, some of the employees of the CERN were threaten by some fanatic or frightened guys.
It's a really pity that in my country, almost all the population was watching in their boxes the eliminating rounds to the FIFA world cup. So when you asked them about the risk of being sucked by a little black hole near France they answered with a "what???".

Excuse me but, I just can't understand how the world got to this stage.
TV is infested with soap operas, reality shows, sports programmes, naked girls kissing, porno in the nights, garbage and more garbage. Even those nature and animals and science-based channels presents loads of garbage.

What about the web, one of the most important media in our century?
We can say a great number of things about the Intenet. Even though we have some interesting things in the web (thanks Google, Wikipedia and MIT).
From the dancing banana to the Goatse, from two girls one cup (I never dare to watch it) to the little super star, from Edgar to Star Wars Kid (no matter how I like those remakes), all is pure garbage. I can't stand it!

We are getting dumber and dumber everyday. We kick the dogs in the streets. We look at our neighbour with disregard. We watch the Olympics. We join that company to make easy money with a pyramid. We kill people polluting the water. We fix our economy lowing down salaries and firing employees. We vote for Fujimori. We invade those ones with oil.

Please, read books! Take an art course! Listen to classical music! Look for real news, not the ones in the TV! Stop looking for stupid things in the web.

If we don't do anything now, idiocy will eat us alive. And maybe sooner than global warming...

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