miércoles, 29 de abril de 2009

Sex stuff

Recently, a friend of mine laughed at me for posting something about sex in my delicious and giving it a "useful" tag. He even re-posted it in his blog with a commentary.
I sent an e-mail to him asking him not to do it again as those are private things. I told him that this is a very hypocritical society which is full of taboos. We cannot talk openly about things like sex, STDs, different types of relationships, gay couples, lesbianism, transvestites, sex toys, pornography, etc.

I thought about what I talked with him and I said: What the Fuck!?
If we are to fight against a very hypocritical society we have to start changing ourselves. If sex is a natural part of human beings, why should we be ashamed of it?

So, I am now "unlocking" all the adult and sex stuff (it's not so much) in my delicious for all you people who think I am "kinky".

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